Believe what YOU WANT- as long as others do NOT suffer because of YOUR beliefs!

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Believe what YOU WANT- as long as others do NOT suffer because of YOUR beliefs!

// "The supposed purpose in performing the ritual of sacrifice is to throw the energy provided by the blood of the freshly slaughtered victim into the atmosphere of the magical working, thereby intensifying the magician's chance of success." //

This is the year of 2008. and it belongs into 21st century.
Can You imagine that some people who call them self's "emancipated" are still thinking that "Gods" will 4exml. stop a Volcano from erupting, Magma and Lava from flowing . . . or that earth will provide good crops or bring enough rain. . . so in that "manner" those people are making the offerings to "their Gods" in the manner of SACRIFICE of dead animals.
Does this sound progressive and emancipated to You?
As far as we all know science gave answers why volcanoes erupt and how the cold air brings rains. . why the land is not usable for growing crops and when the earth can be fertile again. .
Everything has its reasons, it's all explained, but it sounds like some people just wants to have it on their own ways, they want to kill for no obvious, sane reasons.

(ritual offering of sacrificion- A pig)

Once, my good friend said - regarding animal sacrifice
"This is insanity, as Jesus Christ was God's final Sacrifice"
I agree with him, as for me the only sacrifice that human is obligated to do is his own - in form of abstaining from evil doings..;
sacrifice in any other form, like "sacrificing someone else" is practically called SATANIS, as offering of sacrifice in the form of living being leads to the point where that living being has to be killed.
I still ask my self why "Gods" do not accept alive offerings, why everything must be dead killed?. .
Even Satanists are explaining them self's and their practice by saying that they do NOT offer scarification in forms of other living beings who has to be killed during the ritual.

Now, is there any sane person to tell me WHY THEN A GODS BELIEVERS ARE KILLING FOR THEIR GODS?
ARENT THOSE who are still killing innocent living beings to be called the DEVILS FOLLOWERS, as GODS FOLLOWERS should do good and spread kindness, they should NOT destroy for their own pleasure?

Playing God?

Who is the devil now?

After considering the fact that God (Gods) is creator, I am asking, why does he accept the dead bodies then?
God gives souls and only he is to take them away.
Are those people who are "sacrificing" other living beings in the bottom line are doing the devils work,taking souls before their time has come?
In the roots of "laying the offerings to Gods" main purpose is to show how much one person created and brought to this world. . it was presented to Gods to show what this particular follower did during the time he worked for his God.
Gods do not need the offerings as they have plenty.
They gave "seeds" and they need to see did followers take care of those "seeds" in right manner.

Basic rituals of sacrifice were presenting "how big someone's soul is" by "offering" the "gifts"
(what ever they had in that time to give away) to those who were not so fortunate to create goods for proper living of their families. .
it was a form of CHARITY . . . it was not planned for people to show off how rich they are, it was basically to help those who cant make it on their own.
There is just a crumb of material involved to remind us that we should all be equal, and that material things are not meant to last and that they should be shared among us.

Only those who had something to offer (material) should participate in rituals of this kind, but more and more poor people are getting involved in rituals-believing that by offering a kill to Gods-they will secure prosperity/wealth for tem selfs or ticket for "Heaven".

I believe that Gods would be much happier if followers started giving names of their Gods to their newborns, if they celebrated their Gods name by doing good and by abstaining from greed.
And YES,I AM AWARE OF FACT that people are free to choose their own believes and are free to practice them, BUT AS LONG AS THEY DO NOT HURT OTHERS BY PRACTICING WHAT THEY ARE PREACHING they are TRUE BELIEVERS.

(transporting of alive goats to rituals)

BTW Who took life and kindness from rituals for Gods and made them so savage bizare and barbarious?

how wealthy these women are, its visible, so why are they making this "sacrifice" by killing living being?
will this bring them wealth and good heatlh?
No, they know it too . . .
question is why are they doing it?)

Facts: and Info:
Animal sacrifice and Satanism, Animal sacrifice and the law :

Here many sacrifices had been left by the worshippers of Pele the goddess of fire.
The supposed purpose in performing the ritual of sacrifice is to throw the energy provided by the blood of the freshly slaughtered victim into the atmosphere of the magical working, thereby intensifying the magician's chance of success.
The release of this force is NOT effected in the actual spilling of blood, but in the death throes of the living creature!
This discharge of bio-electrical energy is the very same phenomenon which occurs during any profound heightening of the emotions, such as sexual orgasm, blind anger, mortal terror, consuming grief, etc.
Of these emotions, the easiest entered into of one's own volition are sexual orgasm and anger, with grief running a close third.
Remembering that the two most readily available of these three (sexual orgasm and anger) have been burned into man's unconscious as "sinful" by religionists, it is small wonder they are shunned by the "white" magician, who plods along carrying the greatest of all millstones of guilt!
The inhibitive and asinine stupidity of the need to kill an innocent living creature at the high point of a ritual, as practiced by erstwhile "wizards," is obviously their "lesser of the evils" when a discharge of energy is called for. These poor conscience-stricken fools, who have been calling themselves witches and warlocks, would sooner chop the head off a goat or chicken in an attempt to harness its death agony, than have the "blasphemous" bravery to masturbate in full view of the Jehovah whom they claim to deny!
The only way these mystical cowards can ritualistically release themselves is through the agony of another's death (actually their own, by proxy) rather than the indulgent force which produces life.
The treaders of the path of white light are truly the cold and the dead.!
No wonder these tittering pustules of "mystic wisdom" must stand within protective circles and bind "evil" forces in order to keep themselves "safe" from attack --

(explanation: Why sacrifice cant help to prevent Volcano eruption: (4exmpl. on Hawaii- animal sacrifice are offered to the God to prevent the Volcano from destroying a vilage- ) :

How Volcanoes Erupt / By Sharon and Josh
The way volcanoes erupt usually takes a long time and this is how volcanoes erupt.
First a volcano makes something called magma from melted rock.
The magma goes through a circulation.
It has to form at the bottom of the volcano and then start its way up the main vent.
The main vent is a hole that is in the volcano and when the volcano is ready to erupt the lava is at the top of the main vent.
The magma goes up the main vent slowly while it is still getting hotter.
When the magma is about half way up the main vent it turns into lava.
Lava is a very hot liquid which burns the remaining rocks from the magma.
The lava slowly continues up the main vent.
While going up the lava continues to get hotter and hotter.
Ash and rocks are collected and the lava is getting hotter and hotter while the lava is continuing its way up the main vent.
When the lava is at the top of the main vent the volcano erupts.
The lava blasts out of the volcano along with ash, rocks, and a cloud of dust that is very thick.
The ash and rock crumble to the ground, but the lava is either moving down the volcano side very slowly or at a high speed.
The lava burns down almost everything in its way, and it sometimes leaves bits of things burning.
The lava from the volcano can cool fast, or sometimes the lava will slowly cool down from its intense heat.
Lava that cools slowly forms igneous rocks.
There are many types of igneous rocks.
Volcanoes can damage themselves in the explosion.
A volcano literally blows its top off.
One of the volcanoes that has blown its top from an explosion is Mt.St. Helens.
Mt.St. Helens has erupted more than once.
Volcanoes can be under water or on land.
Volcanoes that are under water take a longer time than if they are on land because they are under water.
The water slows down the magma and lava but if the volcano is on land the lava and magma can move quicker up the main vent.
It just depends on the environment how fast the volcano can make the magma.
The magma makes lava and the volcano makes an explosion.
If the volcano is under water the cooled lava will probably make an island.
The Hawaiian Islands is an example of island made by a chain of volcanoes.

On the end my Question is:
WOULD YOU KILL for material prosperity - if yes- what is the difference between you and the hit man?