Massacre on strays in the town of Kozarska Dubica
Last Updated on Friday, 02 April 2010 14:04 Written by NOA Wednesday, 17 March 2010

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Another case of blatant and intentional violation of Animal Welfare Law of Bosnia & Herzegovina has arrived at the Association NOA's addresse in Banja Luka and our addresse. 

A communal company "Vibil" has initiated and executed this atrocity helped by local hunters that poisened cats and dogs and later shoot down all that still were alive. Later the were dumped into nearby river.

This brutal actions was condemned by inhabitants and NOA has reported the case to the authorities. NOA Denmark is sending the protest letter condemning this action. Images are very disturbing. 

You can also help by writing a protest letter to the Minister, Radivoje Bratic and the Mayor,Nino Jauz.

Dr Radivoje Bratić
Tel: 051/331-634
Faks: 051/331-631
Adresa: Vuka Karadžića br.4
78000 Banja Luka
Bosna i Hercegovina (RS)

Mayor of Kozarska Dubica:
Načelnik Opštine Kozarska Dubica

Nino Jauz

Telefon: +387 (0) 52 410 008
Fax: +387 52 411 373

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Dear Minister Bratic and Mayor Jauz,
It has come to my attention that you are once again participating in and allowing brutality and viciousness against sentient, non-human animals, and your behaviour in this disturbingly-long pattern of cruelty must immediately cease. The specters of violance are the reality of murdered animals, tortured, agonized, and drowned, the vomit and blood crusted on broken limbs, the bodies of the drowned swollen, their eyes in forever gazes of shock, fear, and agony. Not only have you demonstrated a willingness of barbarism, but you have also established an indifference of health, your actions leaching poisons into an ecology already fragile from damage and misuse. The repercussions of your savagery against non-human animals will include the destruction of an environment harming your communities of human animals.

But to regard your gravest crime, that against our non-human animal friends, is exceptionally difficult. In fact, it is impossible to contemplate such depravity, the deliberate act to echo the hateful thought, the dismissal of sentience and the taking of life so effortlessly. I wonder, at what age did you learn your heart was stone, when the touch of an innocent animal, the friendly wag of a tail, and the trusting gesture animals share was answered with apathy? And when did you determine your unquestioning capacity to harm and kill eclipsed any compassion you may have once possessed? When your benevolence creates intolerance and greed, and your innocence invokes hate and spite, and your empathy invites pain and death, you have squandered every past moment of compassion, and every potential extension of charity is now darkened with the silhouette of evil. When you sleep, do your nightmares frighten you? The visions you experience and likely forget are the manifestations of terror inflicted on our non-human animal friends in perverse manners of greed and bias, the duplicitous demonstration of your mind reconciling your cruelty. To be human is not to be proud but to be shamed into humiliation at our exceeding arrogance and diminishing charity; indeed, to be alive is to be fatal: in the war of malevolence, our weapons indifference and prejudice, we reign victorious, the animal victims silenced with pain, suffering, and murder. Humanity is a mass killing machine, your barbarism the fuel, and the product injustice.

My hope is there is a glimmer of sanctuary in the wretched hell of thought, that you will consider the non-human animals you expose to viciousness and fear, and establish that you are not a person to be considered with terror and agony, but rather with empathy and kindness. It is never too late to extend a gesture of compassion to our animal friends and I implore upon you to cease this savageness immediately; until you react with respect and empathy versus pain and death, I will be forced to impose a personal boycott of your country and commerce and share this information with a large network of friends and activists to demonstrate their rejection of your actions as well. Until the animals are safe from exploitation and suffering, the consequences will be felt financially, economically, and socially. It is important to understand that these animals are regarded as family members to your western neighbors, and the collective who embrace them as children will reject you with contempt.

I hope this message finds you willing to appreciate life rather than viciously terminate it.