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America's universities are supposed to be centers of learning and enlightenment. So why are there hidden laboratories on nearly every university campus? Inside these labs, scared animals are kept locked up and are killed in painful, archaic, and scientifically valueless experiments.

University experimenters are committing astonishing atrocities to animals. But PETA is uncovering the horrors inside these "off-limits" university laboratories that, apparently, no one else could investigate. Using the evidence we've uncovered, we are pressuring the federal government to penalize the experimenters and to provide oversight.

Thanks to supporters like you, PETA recently discovered that three university laboratories were abusing animals in the following ways:

  • At the University of Colorado at Denver, a whistleblower led PETA to uncover that an experimenter had operated on cats without administering adequate anesthesia. The cats had their backs cut open, and a machine was used to apply pressure to their tiny spinal cords. Remarkably, the experimenters have been killing cats for invasive procedures for more than 15 years, using taxpayer funds through federal research grants.
  • At the University of Washington (UW), PETA found that experimenters who had bolted metal chambers in monkeys' skulls and inserted wires into their eyes were also conducting unauthorized surgeries. Some monkeys who survived were malnourished and psychologically damaged. Using this evidence, PETA convinced the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to revoke its grant from UW—this is one of the first times that the federal government has done so because of animal welfare violations.
  • The University of Connecticut has been cited for 20 violations of the Animal Welfare Act and fined more than $5,000 for abusing monkeys in cruel brain experiments as a direct result of PETA complaints. Since 2000, UConn has been cited for more than 200 violations of the law for cruelty to monkeys, cats, gerbils, guinea pigs, and rabbits.
Universities know that PETA won't rest until we root out and end cruel animal experiments like these.
With your support,
PETA will be able to work with more whistleblowers and send more investigators into these labs to expose the truth—and see that the perpetrators are held accountable.

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