Bosnia & Herzegovina, poisoning of dogs
Sarajevo, early morning April 12, 2010

Sent: Wed, 14 Apr 2010 By: Lejla Kapetanovic To: ActionAgainst
Subject: Bosnia & Herzegovina, poisoning of dogs

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Lejla Kapetanovic

Subject: Bosnia & Herzegovina, poisoning of dogs


I would like to report this horrible case of poisoning.

Early morning April 12 this year inhabitants of Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina witnessed several dogs being poisened in the front of a housing estate close to children playground.
Strays were found dead in a pool of blood and white foam they have eaten poisened meat and bread most likely.

The police is not aware what kind of poison this is, but it is not solo case in Bosnia & Herzegovina and this is not only threat to animals but also to environment and it is forbidden.

Another case

The veterinary inspections are informed but noone is doing anything,
not even to remove the dogs or poison from the street.

I am leading a Animal Charity in Denmark and we are following the case closely but is there anything more we can do.

kind regards

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Reaction Action Against Poisoning April 14, 2010

Dear Lejla,

We are sorry that your animals suffer so much and die by it.

To stop animal poisoning you depend on local authorities on the base of existing animal protection laws and the enforcement thereof. If the enforcement of existing laws has rock bottom priority (as in Portugal for instance) authorities and police officers do nothing unless a lawyer or public pressure forces them to act.
For public pressure you depend on active local citizens and animal welfare organizations
exposing this criminal behavior and lack of action by authorities via:
- articles in local and national papers, coverage on radio, TV and websites
- direct and email petitions to responsible authorities (mayors, veterinarian inspectors etc)
- warning posters in public areas describing the problem in symptoms, effects and dangers
In short, you have to mobilize a lot of action focused on the local authorities. Especially mayors hate negative publicity on their towns.
Of course we will publish/link this case in our website in the menu Cry for help and Deadly stories:
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" "

Good luck and keep us informed,

Action Against Poisoning