The Irish Council Against Blood Sports
has this week (
August 26, 2008) launched
Ban Bullfighting TV
an online channel with a continuous stream of anti-bullfighting videos and action alerts.

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We hope this will help educate more people about the cruelty involved and encourage them to join the campaign against bullfighting.
You can watch Ban Bullfighting TV on our MySpace page -  - or by clicking on Videos at

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Support bullfight ban

Subject: Support bullfight ban
Date: June 27, 2007


Dear Mrs Flores,
Action Against Poisoning fights animal poisoning in particular and supports animal protection efforts in general.
We have a special interest in the relation between animal abuse, mental health and social stability as we noted that animal cruelty like bullfighting facilitates violence towards people. Senseless violence is a contemporary mental health and public order problem. It is clear that no Mayor wants his citizens beating up innocent people as part of their “having fun” going out in his city.
In our view the bullfight is the cruellest form of animal abuse as it is the only “game” we know with the sole purpose of death by torture.
We cannot find a shred of justification for the torture of an animal that has not asked to be part of the game, that has been tampered with to reduce the remotest chance to win and that has no escape from the bullring.
We emphasize the point that bullfights – or any other combination of festivities and killing - breeds a notion that killing for fun is socially acceptable or even heroic.
The ritual performance of the acts and their sequence matches the definition of sadism: the infliction of pain for the pleasure of it.
Sadism is a certified mental disorder. A healthy society does not want to have, let alone breed, sadists amongst its citizens.
As participants of the International Anti-Bullfighting Summit in Lisbon on 18-19 May we were informed on the situation in Venezuela. We understood that Venezuela is progressing towards a possible ban on bullfights.
Especially for that reason we voted as Dutch citizens against the draft EU Constitution as its article III-121 condones animal abuse under the label of religious or cultural traditions.
Like for African, Indian or Maori war dances we respect the bullfight preservation of the traditional display of costumes, music, dancing and stabbing but please leave the bulls out of it. We also see a great future for monumental bullrings for operas, concerts and plays.
However, a society that treasures traditional bullfights – or any other animal cruelty - as cultural heritage has a long way to go towards real civilization.
As Venezuelan Member of Congress who values a non-violent society and respect for life, we urge you to ban bullfights to the benefit of public as well as animal welfare.
A ban would be a keystone contribution to the global abolition of animal abuse in general and the cruelest abuse in particular.
We look forward to your reaction.
With kind regards,

Action Against Poisoning