Thousands more dogs face clubbing

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We have a Chinese anti-rabies culling of dogs - vaccinated pets included - on an unprecedented scale.
It obviously eludes the responsible policy makers that only human neglect and incompetence caused the problem.
Why is human failure revenged on innocent animals? We cannot fathom the drive for such utterly inhuman behaviour.
Although we are aware of the fact that footage and images of the atrocities are horrific and depressing, we keep them accessible as they evoke the action to stop this large scale animal cruelty in China.

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Thousands more dogs face clubbing



Should the Chinese government stop the culls?

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Thousands more dogs face clubbing
Chinese officials club a dog to death

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A second Chinese city is planning a mass dog slaughter to contain a rabies outbreak, state media said, days after a similar cull of 50,000 dogs prompted outrage and criticism.
Officials in the eastern city of Jining said they would kill all dogs within three miles of areas where rabies was found, the official Xinhua News Agency said.
The measure came in response to the deaths of 16 people from rabies in Jining in the past eight months, Xinhua said.
It didn't say how many animals would be killed, but said the city had about 500,000 dogs. Rabies cases are on the rise in China, with more than 2,000 people dying from the disease each year.

Only three per cent of the country's dogs are vaccinated against rabies.
The slaughter in Jining, in Shandong province, comes just days after the killings of a reported 50,000 dogs in a week-long crackdown in Mouding county in southwestern China's Yunnan province, launched after three people died of rabies. Thousands were beaten to death with clubs.
The earlier massacre sparked unusually pointed criticism in state media. "I think this is completely insane,'' Zhang Luping, founder of the Beijing Human and Animal Environmental Education Centre, said.

Hi everyone,
I have started sending out an alert about the dog massacre in China, hoping everyone will at least write a letter of protest to the Chinese authorities. 
Although we feel paralyzed by such savage acts, we simply cannot stand by quietly.  Let's at least send them a letter. Scroll down to find a letter sample.  Please feel free to edit as you please, or write your own. 
Let's bombard them with emails, faxes, demos, whatever you can do.  What we cannot do is stand by as it happens before our eyes.


The rabies outbreak in China could have been prevented by anti-rabies vaccination program which I am sure would have been provided by animal groups throughout the world if asked, not to mention help from the World Health Organization.  More than 500,000 dogs may end up brutally killed in China.  Please don't let man's best friend be brutally killed without one word of support.  Write a letter today!    Scroll down to find out what is happening.
PORTUGUESE:   A epidemia da doenca rabica na China poderia ter sido evitada com um programa de vacinacao, o qual com certeza poderia ter recebido ajuda de grupos animais mundo afora, caso a China houvesse pedido, isso sem falar de ajudas da Organização Mundial da Saude. Mais de 500 mil caes poderao ser cruelmente mortos.   Por favor não deixe o melhor amigo do homem ser morto tao brutalmente sem uma palavra nossa.  Escreva uma carta hoje!    Abaixo ha um modelo pronto se preferir.
SPANISH:     A epidemia de la rabia en China se habría podido prevenir por vacunacion la cuál sin duda habría sido proporcionado por los grupos animales a través del mundo si estuvo pedido, no mencionar ayuda de la Organización Mundial de la Salud.  No deje por favor lo mejor amigo del hombre ser matado brutal sin una palabra suya.  ¡Escriba una carta hoy!    Enrolle abajo para encontrar una muestra de carta.
Dog cull in China to fight rabies
Chinese county culls 50,000 dogs in crackdown on rabies,,1835329,00.html
Chinese county massacres 50,000 dogs in campaign against rabies
Yunnan Dog Massacre, July 2006
China’s Culture of Cruelty
Up to half million dogs may be brutally killed in China

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Dear sir/madam,
I understand that the stray dog population is a cause for concern, and it does pose a threat of rabies. But countries all over the planet face this problem and yet they are  successfully dealing with the situation without employing men to beat dogs to death.
China needs a viable rabies vaccination program, as well as one minimum of consideration for its citizens as family members watch in horror the brutality used to kill their pets.
Apart from the ongoing issue of dogs and cats being brutally killed for fur, China has a human and animal health problem which could have easily been brought under control if China did not try to hide it from the world which is eager to help.
Spay and neuter programs where the animals are returned to the streets are a humane and efficient solution.  If you find it dishonorable to ask for help from other countries or even animal groups to help you deal with such a situation, do you find it more honorable that the world thinks of China as a country of savages?   This is precisely how the world see you now, and however insignificant you may think a boycott of Chinese products is at the moment, soon it will become greater than what you expect as groups continue to ally themselves against China and Chinese products.
You can no longer commit such massacres and pretend to the world that nothing happened!  Your country's treatment of its animals is attracting as much attention in the West as its record on human rights.

Your name
City, Country


Letter 2:

Dear Sirs,

Like millions of others around the world, I am shocked and outraged that
officials in the county of Mouding brutally massacred more than 54,000
dogs over a five day period last week in an attempt to stem the spread
of rabies to humans.

These killings were carried out in almost unimaginably horrific ways.
Public Security Bureau task force officers stopped guardians who were
walking their dogs in cities and beat the animals to death with clubs
while their guardians looked on helpless. Sometimes, officers poisoned
the dogs, or killed them by hanging or electrocution. Under cover of
night, the officers raided the rural countryside, provoking dogs to bark
so they could find and bludgeon their canine victims to death. By
Sunday, July 30th, over 90% of the county's dogs were murdered on the
County Government's orders.

Public health authorities pronounced the massacre necessary to safeguard
the county's human population, dismissing vaccination plans as
inadequate. However, even if it had been the case that killing dogs was
the only way to protect people from rabies, the animals should have been
humanely euthanized, not beaten to a bloody pulp. The exceptionally
malicious and cruel attacks Public Security Bureau officers perpetrated
against China's dogs and their helpless guardians would be inexcusable
under any circumstances.

I am gravely concerned that other counties will follow Mouding's bad
example by committing atrocities in the name of public health. Please do
all in your power to ensure that no other county governments instigate
such cruel dog culls. Also please urge the central government to
initiate effective preventive measures against the spread of rabies
based on vaccination programs and public education.

Your name
City, Country


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