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Save the Moon Bears Campaign

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Save the Moon Bears Campaign

Moon Bear Jasper in his cage with Animal Asia Foundation helper Jill, when he was rescued

Sharon Bowles is calling for an end to one of the most cruel treatments of animals known to take place anywhere in the world.
As many as 9,000 bears in China are kept in tiny cages that prevent their movement to be 'milked' for their bile using metal catheters inserted into the animal's gall bladder.
Known as 'Moon Bears' for the golden crescent across their chests these endangered bears are subjected to a lifetime of misery.
Half the animals are said to die during or shortly after the insertion of the catheter. Those that survive suffer from tumours, infections from open wounds, abscesses and hernias.
The bile taken from the gall bladders of the living bears is used in Chinese traditional medicine for the treatment of ailments including stomach and digestive disorders and kidney problems.

Jasper the Moon Bear as he is today

European Action
Sharon has backed calls in the European Parliament for the Chinese government to bring about a complete ban on bear bile farming. Pressure on the country's leaders to end the cruel practice is expected to grow in the time before China hosts the 2008 Olympic Games.
Sharon said: "This is a truly vile practice. What the bears suffer is nothing less than torture and it must be brought to an end."
The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) claim there is no need for bear bile as there are perfectly adequate synthetic alternatives which contain the active ingredient found in bile.
Trade in bear bile is highly profitable with customers paying as much as $20 per gram on the international market. Even conservative estimates say the annual production of bear bile from China alone is worth $100 million.
Life expectancy of the caged bears is 10 years, just a third of their natural life span in the wild.
How you can help the Moon Bears
Sharon will be joining the charity Animals Asia Foundation on Sunday 14th May 2006, at Southampton Sports Centre in Basset, for a "Moon Bear Fun Day", where the charity will be raising money to rescue another Moon Bear from captivity. The event runs from 1pm to 5pm and includes a sponsored walk. Why not come along for a fun day out and support them?
Download a form to participate in the sponsored walk.
Many people have contacted us to ask if they can donate money to help rescue these beautiful bears. If you would like to make a donation to a charity that rescues Moon Bears, we recommend the Animals Asia Foundation. Please make cheques payable to Animals Asia Foundation and send them to:
AAF, PO BOX 835, Uxbridge, Middlesex, UB8 9AX
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