EGYPT - TRAGEDY AT ESMA (Sakkara) - UGENT NEWS (May-12-2008) - Request for Support

Sent: Monday, May 19, 2008
Subject: EGYPT - TRAGEDY AT ESMA (Sakkara) - UGENT NEWS (May-12-2008) - Request for Support
URGENT NEWS (May-12-2008)

One week ago, on a lovely afternoon we noticed 6 of our dogs acting in a way too familiar to us. 
We did not want to believe it but our worst fears were confirmed: OUR DOGS HAD BEEN POISONED!!! 

In the middle of the day, in the middle of our shelter playground. 
STRICHNINE, which is only accessible to the authorities, somehow found its way inside. 
To this day we do not know HOW it happened or WHO could/would do such an atrocious act. 
Who would want to see dogs suffer to an extent so cruel??? 
4 dogs passed away already; another has gone blind (BD); and Rubi cannot walk.  
Six others are still at the vet clinic and we are not sure if they will make it. 
Please help us in any way you can.  Our vet bills are piling up due to this most unexpected horrendous crime. 
Ministries need to be informed. 
All we are trying to do is keep animals safe and healthy with a promise for a better life. Why would ANYONE try to destroy this?  We plead to all.. help us help our four-legged creatures!!!

UPDATE: MAY 17, 2008: Please take a look at our new "In Memory" page.  
The number of fatalities has risen to six dogs. 
Rubi and BD being the latest. 
Four are still in critical condition and we are doing all we can with the means and meds available to us. 
Say a prayer or two for all of us here. 
This is such a difficult time and nothing could have ever prepared us for this unfathomable tragedy.

(Mona yesterday holding BD - he died this morning 5/17/08)

Donations urgently needed – please donate here:

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Egypt's Shame / La Vergüenza de Egipto

After what we thought had been a successful campaign and that the strays in Egypt were safe again, we sadly heard that the nightmare had started all over again.
Last week we received appalling news about the sad destiny of many homeless dogs in Giza, where several were cruelly shot dead in the middle of the street before the eyes of many people who did absolutely nothing to stop this and the worst part is that those killings were performed by a veterinarian, by someone who took an oath to save their lives, Dr Abdallah Badr, and who also happens to be the chief veterinarian of Giza Department.

This is very serious because it means that the whole world heard lies upon lies, the government promised to start massive spay / neuter programs to control pet overpopulation and the only idea they have had in mind has been to launch another inexcusable massacre, eliminating those poor animals in the most cowardly and savage way.
It is beyond our comprehension that a nation that once was the centre of the known world, and respectful of other sentient beings, has fallen so deep into the realm of ignorance. What is it with you people????

Después que pensamos que había sido una campaña exitosa y que los animales sin hogar egipcios estaban nuevamente a salvo, escuchamos noticias de que la pesadilla había comenzado nuevamente.
La semana pasada recibimos estremecedores reportes acerca de la triste suerte que habían corrido muchos animalitos abandonados en Guiza, donde fueron literalmente ejecutados con una sola bala en el medio de la calle ante la mirada de mucha gente que no hizo absolutamente nada y lo que es peor, esas matanzas fueron realizadas por un veterinario, por alguien que juró salvar sus vidas, el Dr. Abdallah Badr, quien es a su vez el jefe del Departamento de Veterinaria de Guiza.

Esto es muy grave porque significa que le han mentido al mundo, el gobierno prometió lanzar programas masivos de esterilización para controlar la superpoblación de mascotas y resulta que la única idea que tuvieron fue comenzar esa imperdonable masacre.
Es muy difícil comprender que una nación que una vez fuera el centro del mundo conocido, respetuosa de los seres sintientes, haya caido tan bajo en la ignorancia. ¿Qué es lo que pasa con Uds.?

Look at these pictures
make up your mind !!!!!

Miren las fotos
Let Egyptians know what you think about this !!!!
¡¡¡ Háganle saber a los egipcios qué piensan de esto !!!
These poor fellows shot for the sake of tourism !!!!
This is appalling and sick
What's next? Homeless children ????
Please send this letter to the authorities:
of Egypt
Mr Hosny Mubarack,

Sad and horrific news has arrived today with regard to the killing of dogs that you promised would come to an end. Unfortunately your subjects are not fulfilling your orders and on September, 3rd, the Governor of Gizah ordered the shooting of strays. The slaughter was witnessed by several people who could not believe what they were seeing and could not understand such savagery on the part of public servants, especially those who have made a vow to cure animals and not harm them. The perpetrators of this brutality are Dr Abdallah Badr who is the chief veterinarian of Gizah department and his crew.
We find it difficult in trying to understand why you would waste public monies for the destruction of innocent animals. We suggest that you use these monies for the purpose of: Trap, Spay/Neuter/ and Release. If what you are trying to do is to eradicate animals from the streets for the sake of tourism, we do not think this method will bring more tourists to your once great nation.
Mr Mubarack, as a head of a country you have the tools to enforce your orders. We do not think you would like to be remembered as a killer of animals, but as a just and fair man who brought peace to all living creatures in your land. Dogs have been man's companions for thousands of years. We do not think the Holy Koran permits the slaughter of the innocent creatures of Allah.
To sum up: Mr. President, if you do not put a stop to this massacre once and for all and implement humane methods such as massive spay/neuter campaigns to control this problem we will start an international boycott against everything that is Egyptian. This, of course, will affect tourism and we do not think this will benefit your economy. We are sending this e-mail to all of our contacts all over the world and to your national media, embassies, tourist agencies, and concerned animal welfare associations, plus the hundreds of thousand of supporters of said associations.

Respectfully yours,

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