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1. Saturday (tomorrow), I will be interviewed on the radio for 60 - 75 minutes, starting at about 12:45pm (MST).  You can listen live by going to the link below, or you can download it later and listen at your leisure:

2. Next week I will be doing
seven (!) school shows about elephants called: The Amazing Wonders of Elephants.  This is my multi-media, interactive, educational and entertaining show I do in schools.... educating future generations about the beauty, majesty and wonder of elephants.

3. As many of you already know, on May 1st, South Africa will be lifting their ban on the killing of their elephants.  Thousands are at risk, turning South Africa into a
Killing Field of Elephants.  I will be leaving on April 27 on an emergency mission to South Africa to speak on behalf of the elephants, to hand deliver hundreds of letters from school children, and do everything I can to stop the massacre.  If you would like to participate with me through your financial support (I need all the help you wish to give),  please click on here to donate on line:

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4. I made the YouTube below.  Please view and send to your friends.

The Killing Fields of Elephants in South Africa...

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5. Please send a polite email to: Minister Van Schalkwyk, South Africa's Minister of the Environment and Tourism and plead on behalf of the elephants:

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Extinction of animals.
In 1960 there were 1,2 million elephants in Africa
2009 there are left 300.000
Years ago there were 200.000 lions
in wildlife now there are 23.000


"The news that South Africa is set to resume the brutal culling of elephants comes as no surprise, for it is commercially driven."

South Africa to resume the Culling of the Kruger elephants
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The news that South Africa is set to resume the brutal culling of elephants comes as no surprise, for it is commercially driven.   China has an insatiable demand for Ivory, and a burgeoning wealthier population, all of whom covet this commodity.   However, China is not the only large consumer of illegal ivory – there is Japan and, strangely enough, the United States which is another major repository for illegal ivory, something uncovered in a recent study.   Basically, as long as there is a demand for ivory, and those who want to buy it, the Southern African States, who purport to have “ too many” elephants, will push, not just to market their Ivory Stockpiles from the past culling, (which are probably now exhausted), but seek to acquire more.  
During decades of “apartheid”, the Boer inhabitants of South Africa always had a very strong culture of killing wild game.   In fact, they almost wiped out their wildlife entirely, so much so that when the Kruger National Park was set aside in the 1920’s as a Sanctuary (by an Englishman named Stevenson Hamilton), the animal remnant that had survived that slaughter could be counted on the fingers of just one hand.    Sadly the modern day Boer conservation replacements have likewise shown little or no compassion for animals, having inherited the brutal ethic of institutionalized cruelty, exacerbated by the doctrine of so-called “sustainable utilization”.   “If it Pays, it Stays”, is their philosophy, something that is always open to cheating and abuse.   South Africa is renowned for its blatant cruel animal practices, for instance, the auction of wild animals taken from protected areas to be sold for hunting purposes, (including rhinos) its infamous Canned Lion industry, the abduction of young elephants from their living families for elephant back riding and also, in the past, for sale to Circuses and third rate Zoos in distant lands. Recently, a remark made by the South African Parks Head of Communications says it all He allegedly stated  “Our business is not the preservation of animals”.   In fact it is the exploitation of animals for in Southern Africa the natural world, irrespective of species, exists for just one reason – to financially benefit humans.    
Following the international outcry over the brutality of earlier culls, the much publicized trans-frontier Peace Parks were supposed to provide the alternative by allowing elephants to spill out into adjoining “safe havens” in Zimbabwe and Mozambique, once a stronghold for elephants.   However, these “safe havens” have instead been infested with  hordes of human squatters, who snare, hunt and cut down hardwoods for charcoal.   No  elephant in its right mind would dare set foot there.      
All caring people can voice their disapproval by writing to the Environment Minister in South Africa, Mr. Marthinus van Schalkwyk, Email whose postal address you could get from their Embassy, and ask him two very pertinent questions.  
(1) Will they be using scholine, darting the elephants from Helicopters as before?   This is a drug that merely incapacitates the animal, whilst it remains fully conscious and the brutal ground teams move in, jumping on and over paralyzed elephants to finish off all the others (and previously capture the young for Circuses and Zoos.)  The choice of scholine as a preferred drug is because it does not contaminate the meat which can then be marketed for gain – another commercial incentive.  (It is telling that in the National Geographic News, they talk about killing the Matriarch and all the young bulls within a unit with no mention of the females - why?)    
(2)   If they want to artificially control their elephant numbers humanely, as they claim they would like to do, why do they not dart the elephants with an anaesthetic before moving in to shoot them, so that the animals are unconscious when the dirty deed is done?   The answer is, of course, that they want the meat as well as the ivory in addition to the hide, the tail hairs, the feet for waste-paper baskets, the bones and anything else they can market.
The culling of entire family units is not only brutal and inhumane, but doesn’t solve anything, because it merely relieves the pressure on the land, so that the breeding rate goes up instead of down, and culling becomes accepted management practice, as it was in the past.    Elephants communicate with low frequency infra-sound, and the moment the Helicopters take to the air, and the gunshots go off, the entire Kruger Park population of elephants knows all about it!   It has been Scientifically proven that elephants have a superior memory to mankind, a brain that reasons and thinks, and share with humans the same sense of family and sense of death, so if we find it abhorrent to cull our fellow humans, who are not only over-populated but also destroying the entire planet, what right have we to wade into the Elephants, (and the whales, in the case of the Japanese) when Nature exacts its own time old controls, which, in terms of elephants, have been proven in Tsavo.   Who decides that there are too many, anyway?   Only Nature can do that, for elephants are designed to change woodland to grassland, and plant a new generation of trees in their dung.   Having done this, and overtaken their food resource, Nature will enact its own humane cull when the time is right, through malnutrition, (which is painless and is not starvation), targeting females throughout the population, who are more vulnerable, removing from the population the sick, the weak and the maimed.   This is Natural Selection and Nature’s most powerful tool.   A natural die-off of elephants is a one-off event that only has to happen about once in a century.   Humans should not play God because half the time they don’t know what repercussions will ensue.   For instance, is Mr. Schalkwyk able to predict that his country will not suffer the same sort of corruption that has bedeviled the rest of Africa and given rise to illegal poaching, when the warning signs are already very real in his country?   (Uganda did this, and nearly lost its entire elephant population).   Is he able to predict the consequences of global warming on the natural world?   Is he able to predict that disease will not take a toll of an elephant population in the future, or that the elephants will not become aggressive and of a greater threat to humans as a result?
When in doubt, don’t!   We have as an example of allowing Nature to take its course, the Tsavo National Park in Kenya, which supported 45,000 elephants in its l6,000 sq. mile ecosystem.   Nature took out over l0,000 during the Great Drought of the early 70’s (the number the Scientists were talking about artificially culling south African style).   The difference was that Nature targeted the females and their young, which put the population into an immediate decline and rested the vegetation, allowing regeneration.    Then corruption and illegal poaching brought the population down to 6,000 until that was brought under control in the early 90’s.   It now stands at about 12,000 within the l6,000 sq. mile ecosystem (twice the size of the Park) and there is plenty of room for more in Tsavo itself, which is exactly the same size as the Kruger National Park – 8,000 sq. miles.
When one speaks about elephants, one has to speak about the Africa wide population, which is still declining, and which once stood at three and a half million, but today is less than 400,000 and severely threatened in most range States North of the Zambezi.
The usual cry that elephants destroy their habitat is also flawed, as the following images will confirm, taken from the exact same spot, during the exact same month, but at a 20 year interval.   From being a Park that the Trustees thought not worth keeping in the l950’s because of its low tourist appeal when under dense Commiphora scrub thicket, Tsavo today is the highest revenue earning Park in Kenya – thanks to the work of the elephants!
Everyone must speak out about the brutal and misguided policy of culling elephants in South Africa, and spend their tourist dollars in a country that treats its animals humanely.  In this, the 21st Century, when so much more is known about elephants, it is simply not acceptable for Politicians to decide to massacre them.
With best wishes.   Dr. Dame Daphne Sheldrick

From: "Angela Sheldrick - The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust"
Date: February 28, 2008
To: "
Trudi Humphry-Rankin"
Subject: Re: South African cull

ndaro tsavo east

galana river east side

From: LePetitChien
Subject: please dó what is right, it´ll féel right..
Date: March 17, 2008 6:40:07 PM GMT+00:00

Dear Environment Minister Marthinus van Schalkwyk,
The Cull Video at is one of the saddest things I have ever seen for Elephants Families that cannot help that they exist, and have to endure terror on their loved ones, what a nightmare! 
On we read wat you said about the Kruger Parks Current Elephant Population:
Quote´Culling will only be allowed as a last option and under very strict conditions. Our simple reality is that elephant population density has risen so much in some southern African countries that there is concern about impacts on the landscape, the viability of other species and the livelihoods and safety of people living within elephant ranges. – CNN  End Quote (also see CNN´s report at
Those “very strict conditions,” you talk about and most likely be effective of May 1st, constitute a rifle with a minimum caliber of .375.
We understand that overgrazing by elephants can degrade the environment, damage farms and local villages, and diminish food and water resources for other wildlife as well as the elephants themselves. However, you know and cán check for instance on google to see lots of other options that exist on birth control.
These options will take a longer time for the Elephant population to decline, but is on the other hand réally humane and a responsible method for ány empathic person that posseses ´thinking with compassion´ skills.
Let´s play the role of compassionate conservationists and pléase postpone the option of culling Elepants in your decision until you have something that feels right, for ´the time is always right to do what is right´ (ML.King)
Thank you for your interest in our scream for mercy regarding this problem with the Elephants in your country.
(More info to find on and
Le Petit Chien
The Netherlands (EU)


“I do not believe that South Africa should cull its elephants.  There are several humane alternatives available, including range expansion and contraception.”

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"The eminent conservationist Richard Leakey has given qualified backing for 
South Africa's plan to cull elephants." - ?!?!?!?