ANIMAL´s undercover investigation exposes the cruelty of factory farming in Portugal

"What´s Really On Your Plate?" :: :: Exposing Animal Abuse

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ANIMAL´s undercover investigation exposes the cruelty of factory
farming in Portugal

ANIMAL´s investigators filmed undercover the hidden truth about the lives
and deaths of farm animals intensively reared in Portugal :: Special
investigation reveals where meat, eggs and dairy in Portugal´s plates
really come from :: Violence in handling animals, ineffective stunning and
slaughter of animals still conscious and aware of what is happening to
them were exposed and will be reported by ANIMAL to national and European

ANIMAL is now revealing the result of a special investigation carried in
September and October into intensive animal farms in the districts of
Lisbon and Leiria, in Portugal.
Working undercover, ANIMAL´s investigators gained privileged access to the hidden backstage of meat, egg and dairy production farms in Portugal, successfully filming inside pig, cow, veal, laying hens, broilers, turkey and duck farms, the transport of many of these animals, the violent way in which they are handled, the way they are kept in transit facilities, and, finally, the way they are stunned and killed.

This special investigation has made possible to expose the immense cruelty of intensive animal agriculture in Portugal, in a context where animals are kept, treated and processed as if they were only machines or pieces of highly mechanised system - being it all about profit.
This investigation clarifies how this industry has no concern whatsoever for the welfare and health of the animals it exploits, it has no consideration for so many welfare legal requirements establish by the EU and that were now shown to be disregarded, and it has no consideration for people, not only as consumers, but also as inhabitants of places where pig farms, cow farms and others
are a true environmental hazard.
ANIMAL´s investigators have interviewed a local community leader in Leiria who stated his concern for the high level of pollution and the environmental deterioration that the many pig farms in this district cause, with lagoons, lakes, rivers and even forest areas being dumped with the waste and manure of these farms all the time - some of it was filmed.

General poor welfare standards, violence in handling animals, ineffective stunning and slaughter of animals still conscious and aware of what is happening to them will now be reported by ANIMAL to national and European authorities.

Go to and watch the video "What´s Really On Your Plate?", the educational video produced by ANIMAL,
as a result of this investigation and showing the evidence of cruelty and damage to animals (and also to the environment) that the investigators observed and documented in this investigation in Portugal.

ANIMAL is a member of the European Coalition for Farm Animals, lead by Compassion In World Farming, and works in partnership with these organisations to advance the legal protection of farm animals in Portugal and to educate the Portuguese public about farm animals, their extraordinary characteristics as remarkable sentient, intelligent and emotional individuals, and about the need and duty to respect and protect them.
With the support of Compassion In World Farming, ANIMAL has recently launched "Amazing Animals", an educational campaign about the sentiency of farm animals and why they are so important and respectable, producing the educational website .
With the support of FARM USA - Farm Animal Reform Movement and of "Terra", an excellent vegetarian restaurant
in Lisbon, ANIMAL was also able to produce , a website supporting ANIMAL´s campaign about vegetarianism and its benefits for the animals, for humans and for the planet.

ANIMAL is also launching today its new website , which is available online both in Portuguese
and in English, as a very precious resource to inform and educate the public about what really happens to animals in all fields in which they are abused and exploited, presenting the video and photographic evidence produced by the investigation work of ANIMAL and of its partner organisations.
ANIMAL wishes to thank the Marchig Animal Welfare Trust for making the production of this website possible with its financial support to produce this educational online resource.

"What´s Really On Your Plate?" :: :: Exposing Animal Abuse

Help ANIMAL to have more means to help more and more animals

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Unser Täglich Brot” , Our Daily Bread  by the Austrian director NICOLAUS GEYRHALTER.

Best Film - Ecocinema International Film Festival Athens 2006 
"The jury decided unanimously to give the best film award to a film which will remain in the mind of all of us -unfortunately every time we put food in our plate- It ‘s the film OUR DAILY BREAD, of 2005, by the Austrian director NICOLAUS GEYRHALTER. This film is exceptional in revealing the truth about an issue we all know but all want to forget: what is really in our plate. The way of revealing this truth was exceptional too, in the matching of the expressive means with the subject. The cold mechanical eye of the camera is filming the cruel industrial way of producing food today. The result was shocking like a punch to the stomach."
Special Jury Award - International Documentary Festival Amsterdam 2005:
"One film which many of you will have expected to see on this short list of three nominees for the Joris Ivens Award, has instead been honoured by the Special Jury Award. We felt it deserved to be singled out. A powerful, cinematic experience, it offered us a series of shocking and indelible images. An unremittingly merciless and nightmarish scene. A vision of Hell. Not the Hell of our theologians but one constructed by our politics, our markets and our food technologies. Nikolaus Geyrhalter has given us Unser Taeglich Brot (Our Daily Bread). He has not told us what to think- but has given us much food for thought. This is a great and important film and we are delighted to honour it with the Special Jury Award."

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