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"Cadiar's use of poison in the village - it is bad enough that it is used all along the river to kill the foxes that eat the eggs of the birds that they will later shoot. My fear is a child will somehow pick up the poison from one of the animals."

Date: August, 14 2010

Subject: poisoned dogs and cats in the Alpujarras

"I live in a small village in the Alpujarras Spain.

We are at a loss with what we can do about the locals poisoning the stray dogs and cats.

We understand that the city is planning to pick up the strays next week.

Yet 2 weeks ago 2 wonderful pointer dogs were poisoned. One died and the other we managed to save.

Only today out of the 5 cats that we feed each day only 2 remain, the rest having been poisoned and the latest case today.

When the dog that we managed to keep alive was poisoned I went to the local Guardia who had no interest. These dogs and cats are being poisoned in a very small village, a child could easily get hold of whatever they are being fed.

What can we do please.


"I however am disgusted by this. I feel it is a cowards way out to poison and animal and walk away knowing it will then suffer for hours."

- name known

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Las Alpujarras

Cadiar, lying close to the source of the river Guadalfeo, is 70 kilometres from Granada and 36 kilometres from the coast at La Rabita. It has an altitude of 700 metres and a population of 2,500. The town is a commercial centre with plenty of shops, bars, restaurants and accommodation.
Cadiar's 16th century Renaissance church stands in the main square surrounded by traditional and modern architecture. At fiesta time, in February and October, the town's fountains spout wine instead of water.