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Bribery Allegations Unravel Wool Industry
An exposé of an Australian wool industry representative allegedly offering a bribe to a Swedish activist to encourage her not to speak out about the cruelty in Australia's sheep industry has gone to air in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark, and is soon to be aired in Germany. Retail heavyweights throughout Europe have responded to the ensuing consumer outrage at the cruelty of mulesing, 'ultra-fine wool', and live exports by instigating boycotts ... a reminder that it is the power of informed consumer choice that will free animals from cruel treatment.  Read More...


What you can do:
The most powerful message each of us can send to the wool industry is that caring consumers and community members will not support animal cruelty.  If you choose to buy wool products, enquire of the retailer whether the wool is ethically sourced (from sheep that are not mulesed—as a minimum!).  
Show Australia's decision makers that it's not only the international public that are appalled by the Australian wool industry's cruel treatment of animals. Use the following key points to compose a letter to the editor of your local paper:

  • I am writing regarding the recent outrage throughout Europe over the Australian wool industry's continued cruel treatment of animals.
  • Mulesing, which involves cutting skin from the backside of an animal without pain relief is cruel and outdated.
  • Whilst the Australian wool industry continues to mules sheep, factory farm sheep for 'ultra-fine' wool and export live animals, they taint Australia's international reputation.
  • Even the Swedish Agricultural Minister has urged consumers to boycott Australian wool.
  • In the past the Federal Government has unquestionably backed the wool industry.
  • It's time for the Australian government and the wool industry to wake up to the fact that Australians and the international public alike, will not tolerate animal cruelty.

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Mulesing is a painful procedure in which skin is removed from the backsides of lambs in an attempt to combat flystrike. Find out more...