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Vasco and Faith's story

Ban antifreeze preparations unless they contain a bitterant
Antifreeze kills 10,000's of our pets every year. It tastes sweet - many cats & dogs will lick it off the ground, then die from kidney failure within 48hrs unless treated by a vet immediately. petition



Rupert, Banger both dead by poisoning 27 Sept '11

these puppies Banger and Mash got poisoned, died

Brazil Brush - mail - died by poison (le)
Mitzi - female - just survived! (ri)

Message by mrs Anita Stearman
Subject: our 4 pet dogs poisoned in La Hoya Campo, Elche 27.9.11

Hello, I am a member of Pets In Spain. 4 of our beautiful dogs have been poisoned we think by hunters leaving poison around scrub land which has signed on 'No Hunting'. We didnt know they died of poison and while searching for our dogs, took our 5th dog there with us. She also got poisoned but was rushed to the vet who managed to save her life!

Please tell me some information regarding poison in Spain. Is it legal to put it out for any animal to eat??? It is far too dangerous now to walk our remaining dog near our home for fear of this happening to our one remaining dog!

Yvonne and Mark from pets in spain are helping us with this. What would the proceedures be now for stopping this happening again? There was another dead dog there this weekend! How can this be stopped?

Very best wishes,

* . * . *

Romania is killing dogs; poisoning and now so called "euthanasation" planning

* . * . *

Killing spree with poison - please read and warn your friends.
Marianthy Avraamides Fiore Amaro 29 October 2010

Tsirion / Tricherousa area of Limassol in Cyprus.

There is a recent killing spree going on in the Tsirion / Tricherousa area of Limassol in Cyprus. All of it is from poisoning, including someone going around at night and throwing poison in peoples gardens to kill pets. Last month, someone found their dog (who was locked behind gates in the driveway) poisoned. All the empty plots in the area must have poison as I had found 5 cats dead 2 weeks ago, and also someones dog who had escaped from their yard was found dead in a plot from poisoning around the same time. I managed to save a cat today who I had rushed off to the vet this morning and hopefully she will live. The vet I took the cat to, said he has been treating many victims recently from this area. If you know anyone who lives in this area, please let them know about the situation.

* . * . *

Shenzhen China - dog Bichon poisoned

28 September 2010:

Subject: Shenzhen China Our dog in our estate has been poisoned, together with  7 other dogs 27th September 2010

Message: Dear Sir,

I am staying in Shenzhen Futian District, just two days ago on the 27th 2.30am my dog a Bichon started vomiting 3times, following that he started to screech and run crazily shitting and vomiting which developed into a fit 10seconds after. he was constantly going into fit and out for up to 10times and it was a pain to see. On our way to the hospital we realise that 3 other family have the same account and all rushing to rescue their dogs (3 Schnauzer, 1 Corgi, 1 Maltese)

Upon seeing this, it came to my awareness that while we were in our lift, there were alot of small bit like pieces of meat on all four corners. I then suspect that it was a deliberate action by someone. We thus lodge a police report.

Very next day morning, we got access to the survellance camera and indeed, one owner name Mr Xu deliberately threw pieces out from a container twice in two lifts, one at 2045hrs in one lift and another at 2115hrs with his wife assisting him to spread the pieces into the corners using her legs and holding their kid in her hand.

On futher inspection, indeed the dogs that had died has either bitten on those pieces or licked on it. We also notice that another two dogs has eaten the deposit and also died. Currently 8 dogs have died from this incident. Luckily we managed to remove the pieces following our account, else I wonder what will be the consequences as alot of kids and baby touch the lift flooring and pick up things to eat.

I have the video on hand. should you require it, do contact me.

I hope you can help me spread this news around to inform others to beware.

To me, this is a little terrorist attack by someone.

I attached some links of relevant newslink in Chinese. Perhaps you can get picture of this incident for your reference too.

Here are the links to the video of the China news with the culprit caught in action.
It is in mandarin, but action speaks louder than words,



* > * > *

GREECE Kardamena on Kos Another Greek Massacre: 16 cats poisoned

18 NOV 2010 : There is a new mayor in KOS - so they hope the situation will be better for the animals.
They want to give him a chance.

10 OCT 2010
16 cats that had been castrated and fed by this organisation were found dead in a waste container.
They had been poisoned – sadly a common enough occurrence in Greece.

* . *

Montag, 18. Oktober 2010
SUBJECT: (Kos/Greece) Another Greek Massacre: 16 cats poisoned

Dear Animal Friends,

Again 16 cats were poisoned in the cemetery of
Kardamena on Kos.
These cats had been castrated by our association (Tierhilfe-Kos) and they were medically treated by us and fed regularly.

Since 2004 we have regularly neutering actions and we send several tons of food per year to Kos so that the stray animals can be fed by locals.
These 16 cats were in a very good physical condition. Now, this area will be overtaken by new cats which are not neutered and didn’t receive medical care and are therefore in a poor state of health. These cats will multiply uncontrollable again and the whole problem starts all over again.

Since many hundred years the Greeks poison their stray animals and haven’t learned nothing more since.
This is obviously not beneficial for tourism and many tourists have decided to choose other holiday destinations because of the appalling situation of animals in Greece.

They always reproach us that we help the animals on Kos illegal.
They threatened us again and again with arrest.
We applied for a working permit for our veterinarians and haven’t received anything until now.
Europeans are allowed to work in Austria.
In Greece they mostly deny working permits for well skilled European vets. This is Europe!

Stray animals are still poisoned! The delinquents are never caught and much less brought to justice.
But they want to arrest our people for helping those poor stray animals. On Kos there are four local veterinarians who do nothing else than to charge tourists high amounts of money for vaccinations and EU confirm passports.

Please help and support us and protest against these cruel animal killings that exist since ages.
Please write a mail or fax to:

Mayor of Kos Mr. George Kyritis mail: tel 0030 22420 26585

Mayor of Irakleidon

Mr Billis Stergose
Fax: 0030 22420 51128

Please contact also your tour operator if you have seen animal misery on Kos. Protest against the brutality of killing stray animals!

Help the stray animals in Greece. Send this mail also to press contacts and friends! Thank you
Please protest against this atrocity – this are mail address and fax number of the mayor of Irakleidon: Mr. Billis Stergose
Fax: 00302242051128

(Animal Help Kos)
Tierhilfe Kos Email:
Telephone: 0043/660/254 01 09 Paschinggasse 8/4/b31170 Vienna




"Cadiar's use of poison in the village - it is bad enough that it is used all along the river to kill the foxes that eat the eggs of the birds that they will later shoot. My fear is a child will somehow pick up the poison from one of the animals."

Date: August, 14 2010

Subject: poisoned dogs and cats in the Alpujarras

"I live in a small village in the Alpujarras Spain.

We are at a loss with what we can do about the locals poisoning the stray dogs and cats.

We understand that the city is planning to pick up the strays next week.

Yet 2 weeks ago 2 wonderful pointer dogs were poisoned. One died and the other we managed to save.

Only today out of the 5 cats that we feed each day only 2 remain, the rest having been poisoned and the latest case today.

When the dog that we managed to keep alive was poisoned I went to the local Guardia who had no interest.

These dogs and cats are being poisoned in a very small village, a child could easily get hold of whatever they are being fed.

What can we do please.


"I however am disgusted by this. I feel it is a cowards way out to poison and animal and walk away knowing it will then suffer for hours."

- name known

Las Alpujarras

Cadiar, lying close to the source of the river Guadalfeo, is 70 kilometres from Granada and 36 kilometres from the coast at La Rabita. It has an altitude of 700 metres and a population of 2,500. The town is a commercial centre with plenty of shops, bars, restaurants and accommodation.
Cadiar's 16th century Renaissance church stands in the main square surrounded by traditional and modern architecture. At fiesta time, in February and October, the town's fountains spout wine instead of water.

* . * . *

Bosnia & Herzegovina, poisoning of dogs
Sarajevo, early morning April 12, 2010

Sent: Wed, 14 Apr 2010 By: Lejla Kapetanovic To: ActionAgainst Subject: Bosnia & Herzegovina, poisoning of dogs
Your Name: Lejla Kapetanovic


I would like to report this horrible case of poisoning.

Early morning April 12 this year inhabitants of Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina witnessed several dogs being poisened in the front of a housing estate close to children playground.
Strays were found dead in a pool of blood and white foam they have eaten poisened meat and bread most likely.

The police is not aware what kind of poison this is, but it is not solo case in Bosnia & Herzegovina and this is not only threat to animals but also to environment and it is forbidden.

Another case

The veterinary inspections are informed but noone is doing anything,
not even to remove the dogs or poison from the street.

I am leading a Animal Charity in Denmark and we are following the case closely but is there anything more we can do.

kind regards

* . * . *

Reaction Action Against Poisoning April 14, 2010

Dear Lejla,

We are sorry that your animals suffer so much and die by it.

To stop animal poisoning you depend on local authorities on the base of existing animal protection laws and the enforcement thereof. If the enforcement of existing laws has rock bottom priority (as in Portugal for instance) authorities and police officers do nothing unless a lawyer or public pressure forces them to act.
For public pressure you depend on active local citizens and animal welfare organizations
exposing this criminal behavior and lack of action by authorities via:
- articles in local and national papers, coverage on radio, TV and websites
- direct and email petitions to responsible authorities (mayors, veterinarian inspectors etc)
- warning posters in public areas describing the problem in symptoms, effects and dangers
In short, you have to mobilize a lot of action focused on the local authorities. Especially mayors hate negative publicity on their towns.
Of course we will publish/link this case in our website in the menu Cry for help and Deadly stories:
" "
" "

Good luck and keep us informed,

Action Against Poisoning


Massacre on strays in the town of Kozarska Dubica
Last Updated on Friday, 02 April 2010
Written by NOA Wednesday, 17 March 2010

* . * . *

Received Jan 23, 2009 from R & L
Place: Almeria (Partaloa)

Subject : Poison bait by Hunters


TUZI still enjoying life until . . . .
Tutsi = Chinese for little rabbit, a West Highland White Terrier

We have just had our 2 year old Westie murdered by hunters putting baited chicken carcasses down to kill Foxes.
Our Vet in Albox has had 6 dogs and one cat killed since xmas.
There is a 25 year old law making this illegal but the murdering b.....ds still do it.

Both ourselves and Vet reported to Guardia Civil -Seprona at Chirivel
They have been with us today where we had found the bait (chicken) and have searched the area and found two more dead dogs.
We have signed a witness statement. They are coming out again with tracker/sniffer dogs either Sat or Monday to have another search. 
It is possible that the authorities might take the hunting rights away from this area.. but I think that is a big 'might'
We are residents and the local vet. practice is part of a large group and they have backed us up.
The tragedy of this is that my son rescued him from a socalled petshop in Shanghai where he had 'lived' in a small cage for nine months. He bought him and had him in China until August last year. His visa expired so he came back with Tuzi to us in Spain where he has been with us in Almeria (Partaloa) until these murdering Spanish hunters killed him.
This is now an official Police enquiry.

They are still distressed and very angry.


A terrible story.

* . * . *

One cat dead, one seriously injured. Poisoning and possibly worse - Spokane County , WA

On Dec 25, 2008, Amy Russell :

"One cat dead, one seriously injured. Poisoning and possibly worse"
Message: I am currently taking steps to get an animal abuse case taken seriously and for proper prosecution of the accused murderer who intentionally poisoned 2 cats that were his temp. roomates, one of them died.

The defendants age 20 of Spokane County , WA is accused of intentionally killing a temp roommates cat by poisoning and possibly worse as far a the evidence points, the new roommates second cat is alive but was taken to the vet where she was given X-rays and had blood-work done she has a broken rib, her lung is lacerated with caused a fluid buildup that has moved her heart into a different position.
Her liver numbers were in the thousands which are supposed to be in the mid hundreds.
The vet documented all of this.
The defendant himself has a cat with injuries that he claimed where from "the cat jumping off the fridge and hitting the wall"
The victims owner was the one who suggested he take his cat to the vet for help, which he apparently did.
The victims owner was stuck between a rock and a hard place with living conditions and was asked by the defendant if she would like to stay there until the end of the month.

Her thinking he being a caring companion animal owner since he had said he took his cat to the vet, also being her co-worker and the fact that she was going to being moving into the same complex she felt alright putting herself and her companions in this situation.
There was no relationship between the two other than co-workers and acquaintance.
Within 5 days her male cat was dead her female cat has serious internal injuries and we are really concerned for the well being of the cat living there now.
My name is Amy Russell, I live in Seattle, WA former foster parent to the deceased pet and his injured sister Isabelle working through a non-kill animal rescue.
I am also very close with their human who I consider my sister. Concerned for the obvious, plus the link found with animal cruelty and future violence that may occur if nothing is done.
I really think this case needs to be seriously looked at for a potential worse crime that may have been committed against the deceased animal Tech Floyd Greyerson, a two year old DLH Grey sweet lovable boy who should be here with us right now.
We want to know what happened to Tech and what to do next. I really appreciate your time reading this and for the resources you provide. If you have any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.
I have already written the prosecuting attorney and taken all the steps that they have told us to take. The accused father works for the police dept. so that obviously causes concern.
But it will not deter me from doing what needs to be done. Thank you so much

* . * . *

PLACE: Diggufell North Portugal near Oliveira

Date: November 29, 2008

I am writing again to you to let you know I have lost another dog to these people . . .
he was poisoned and died yesturday he is being buried under our lime tree in vila pouca I cant bear to leave him in a hole in the ground its making me sick to the stomach he was 10mths old his name was big dog he was a serra estrell had no bad bone in his body and died a most horrific death im devastated
I have one more dog left but I am selling up and moving back to england its too disgusting . . .
I have written to the rspca about this . . .
also I have an eye witness to a dog beaten to death with 3 hits . . .
two people have drowned there own puppies another lets there dog get pregnant every year for all pupps to die . . . poisoning . . .
another I found hung by wire, a pig trap apparently . . .
I found a puppy dog tail chopped with metal cutters but couldnt find the pupp and a person saw a large dog get tied to a tree and choopped up with an enchander and thrown in a hole . . . . .
there is many more its terribly sad and disgusting im taking my 2 cats and one dog and getting out of here . . .

the dog left has been nudging BIG DOG for ghours trying to wake him up he is also in shock as he saw what happend to BD yesterday with foaming snarling convulsing etc . . .
I believe this is all over a field of vegetables . . . which I will make sure will never grow veg again . . . .

its bad because farmers worried about their veg put poison out for dogs and get the wrong one or destroy peoples lives and realy all they have to do if they are worried is put fences up anyway thats that . . . cruelty of its highest point . . .

Im sure I know of more cruelty but cant remember just now . . . . .
o o o o I just cant believe this . . .
this dog was the most obedient responsive dog never went far and when told no never tested he never snaped or got stressed and was terribly upset with himself if he was told off . . .
he was truley fantastic and maybe we let him down by not tieing him up or getting fences up quick eniugh but we havent the money . . . . .

I cant belkieve it I realy cant believe it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i feel sick . . . . .


PLACE: Diggufell North Portugal near Oliveira


Message: my dog charlie brown was shot a night last year by a man in the next village on the 10 september he was 9mths old, we were walking home as my scooter broke down and we had to get home as my husband was arriveing from England, he was just behind me with in minutes he was gone I called his name and looked for him for four days all day and night until i was told by a local guy who likes us he was shot, I went home to brighton, the man was fingered by the villaers but nothing was done, its something I wont ever get over that also I think I heard those shots . . he ALWAYS CAME TO ME WHEN CALLED IF THERE WAS OTHER DOGS AROUND . . .
also my friends 4 pupps were poisoned this year I believe it to be rat poison and many others I know . . one bled from the eyes and the others took four days to die . . .it seems only foreigners loose their dogs . . . .

He was shot in Diggufell North Portugal near Oliveira he was 9 mts old on sept 10th 2006 he died thanks to a local fool . . I only have photo paper pictures of him and not many, he was realy clever, would have become a brilliant dog he rode on my scooter with me and all the locals from Oliveirato Coja, and surrounding villages knew him as he would ride the scooter with a black t-shirt saying STUD on the back with shiny glitter, he didnt need potty training as he naturally went outside and loved the scooter . . but he was taken from my back in the afternoon and put on peoples land and shot for sport I spent days looking for him across rivers, peoples land I walked miles and climbe many hills, thinking id find him caught in a trap or poisoned I didnt sleep and went through hell till somebody came to my house and said they were having coffee and overheard of a dog found at Digguefell where he was lost - taken shot many times . . .after this someone else was seen putting him in the river to cover up the person who did it then many villagers pointed the finger at two persons and others agreed it was possibly him as he is arrogant as a person and a small bird hunter . . one villager saw it happen but I never found this person and another pointed at him to other villagers calling him martre coige- I havent spelt it right but dog killer is what he was saying I went to the police who said it could only end in a fine if proven . . . .
this was spite as this dog was too young too small to cause trouble and he never strayed so he was taken and it was racial or jealousy or spite but it certainly wasnt by accident I trawled the river to find his body to bury him but I never found him my heart still aches, I know who the person is but pointing fingers could be many things but it is not a show of guilt, so there is nothing I could do but have my heart ripped out and suffer nightmares, I left went back to england for 9mths and now Im back I saw him the other day joking with his hunting friends of what a hysterical girl I was
Im not now, but what can I do but rise above it and be more careful next time . . . so I have two puppies now and am aware and setting myself up as cleverly as possible with all vets 24hr services and looked up all poisons and symptoms and antidotes holistic and pharmacutical and I know to go to the vets first . . .

as this is such a cruel place for animals . . . in normal psycology it would beg the question with animals treated soo cruely, what happens with the children here, . . . theres not much help out there for them either i believe . . .

* . * . *

On the border of the two villages Thermas da Azenha and Pedrogao Do Pranto, 1 November, 2008

Little Son with "Little Man", this dog has been poisoned

From October 25 till November 4, 2008 we, my husband, 16-month old son and me, visited Portugal for our holiday.
We went to a holiday home in Termas da Azenha.

It is a lovely place, where tourists can enjoy a nice and peaceful time.

On Saturday November 1, 2008, we went for a walk in the neighborhood of our holiday location with the two dogs of the hostess.

These 2 Dogs poisoned,
one young male "Little Man"
and one older male "Jan"
here still they still can walk

We walked over a field with orange trees next to the property of the lady on the border of the two villages Thermas da Azenha and Pedrogao Do Pranto.
My son played in the field and the two dogs followed us around. We had a nice time and enjoyed our walk.

When we came back at the holiday place, the two dogs acted different. They ran away from us, ran into walls, were scared. Soon we found out that they were in the beginning of an awful and painful death. They ate poison in the orange field and there was no way to save them. After 45 minutes of screaming from pain they died. The hostess and her sons stayed with the dogs.

In the meantime, my husband and me, rushed to the hospital with our little son, terrified that he would be waiting the same death, due to the fact that he had played in the same field and the dogs played with him in between the walk and the beginning of their death. After his check-up in the Medical Centre in Soure we were somewhat relieved.

This terrible incident ruined our holiday. We believe actions should be taken against, the landowner of the orange field, due to the following:

-       My child could have died from ingestion of this poison and as well my husband and myself were at risk;
       The field is not fenced, neither does it have signs showing the property is privately owned or that there is poison lying about;
       It is illegal in the EU to have such a toxic lethal poison laying in an (open) field connected to a public road;
       These two innocent dogs died this time, unfortunately these were not the first ones. In the last years a total of 8 dogs were poisoned in this field;
       After talking with our hostess we found out that the landowner specifically places this poison to kill dogs;
       The poison was specifically put in the field with the intention to kill dogs;
       As a tourist you want to be able to have a safe stay in an EU-country, this option was taken away.

I cannot believe that such an inhumane incident can happen in an EU-country and expect that you will take immediate action to rectify this situation, at a location that we thought was beautiful, and turned into a tragedy.

The hostess informed the police and the officers said that it is difficult to take action, because the field is private property. This attitude reflects a total lack of interest and rock bottom priority for criminal animal abuse by the concerned police officers.
This sorry attitude is especially alarming as al relevant facts including the name of the perpetrator are available for a solid criminal court case.

As deliberate poisoning of animals is a crime against animal protection laws, we know that it is possible to take action against this perpetrator.
The more because the field is not fenced and directly accessible from a public road. So the deliberate and random distribution of poison can lead to the indiscriminate killing of animals and children alike.

I call on you to use your power and authority to save a possible next victim and bring the perpetrator to justice.

* . * . *

Poisoning of strays in Gaesti, Romania - pls sign petition
Date: Sunday, August 17, 2008

A night of terror in the city of Gaesti, county of
Dambovita. The inhabitants were shocked to find tens
of stray dogs dead or struggling in agony. It seems
that the employees of the townhall wanted this way to
get rid of the stray dogs.

Although there was an investigation the inhabitants
fear that the criminals will not be punished. In the video you can see
that even puppies fell victims of this poisoning campaign.

At the end of the video there are other videos, if you click on the
one starting with \"imagini socante\' you\'ll see shocking images of a
dog struggling after the poisoning.


Shameful Poisoning Of Strays From Gaesti Romania

* . * . *


www.getrealweekly.com_Ed 22.pdf page 14

Newspaper Getrealweekly - 12 JUNE 2007

"JaTeDisse” who, luckily survived his poisoning,
as did 2 other dogs thanks to my husband
and the vets actions.


Someone is out there attacking our pets . . . .


Last week, in the hamlet where I live, between the golf course and the sea, in ESTOMBAR, two dogs perished, three were seriously ill, and another is still missing, presumed dead. the culprit was poison.

- By Fiona Perris

Not just one type of poison, but two different kinds - rat poison and pesticides.

The first case happened on Saturday and our next neighbour's dogs were the victims, and probably our dog, Quiosque, who has been missing now for two weeks.
Luckily we were with one of their dogs at the time when I noticed he was having difficulty walking and then saw foam around his mouth.
I immediately suspected poison and my husband had the presence of mind to force olive oil down the dog's throat which luckily caused him to vomit, saving his life.
The neighbour immediately called for his other dog which we found just a few metres away in the last throes of death.
We saw, very clearly, blue pellets in the cooked chicken breast and leg that Micky had thrown up.

The GNR were called and a complaint was lodged.
Although we do not know who laid the poison, it was obviously done on purpose. It was a terrible day for all of us and we worry about Quiosque only increased as time went by.
I have never been witness before to such an obviously excruciating torture  and hope never to be again, but it was not to be.
Three days later I heard about two cats, only about a kilometre away but on the other side of a main road that had also been poisoned., luckily both survived due to quick reactions from the owners and their vet.
Another two days later and I received a panicked call from my husband saying that our two remaining dogs were seriously unwell and it appeared to be poison again. We managed to get them in the car and off to the vet in LAGOA who saved both their lives by recognising the poison and administering the correctantidote. this time it was not rat poison but an organophosphate based on pesticide.
The vet told us of other cases of poisoning and whilst she was treating our dogs, another was brought into the facility, also from ESTOMBAR, also poisoned.
The very next day another neighbour lost his dog to poison. He had been collecting snails and his dog had bitten into something and died immediately.
The vet at Solvet was as indignant as we were and advised us to lodge a complaint in PORTIMAO, writing a letter confirming the type of poison.
As she said, it might not necessarily be deliberate (in the case of the pesticide poisoning), it might be someone nearby who has not stored the pesticide correctly and could be endanngering the lives of of not only animals, but children and the water supply. three dogs arriving, poisoned, in the space of an hour is worrying.
while at the vets, Peter Lander from the Donkey Sanctuary was next door at the charity shop. We told him of our animals' plight and he said that it was nothing new, "consistently, year after year, we hear of a sharp increase in the poisoning of animals around this time of year."
All our neighbours are now particularly vigilant and other people in the area have been notified. We will have to wait and see what investigations uncover.
For information on how to ad minister first aid to your pet in case of poisoning visit
FIRST AID, and always go to the vet.

PORTUGAL February 2007: 2 dogs found poisoned in Algarve
"Hello Friends
The story about poisoning is:
The woman said me that she lost two dogs in the last summer with poisoning.
She said also that is usually in the country side people put food with poison to the dogs.
Why? Because some people goes hunter without permission, and the others hunters don’t like and poisoning the animals.
Or because there are many dogs and people don’t like it.
Very said indeed
I hope you understand me.

21 March 2007:

Hello friends
Today I spoke with the lady of the café in Pechão.
Poison again.
She said me that many dogs are killed.
It happened also with a little dog who belong to the butcher.
The place is around the football  field.
I spoke with SEPNA (GNR) already.


Received: Friday, January 13, 2006 10:52 PM

Place of poisoning: Portugal Time: 11 January 2006

Today I Know that 20 (twenty) dogs are died, poisoning, on the Cais Comercial the Faro yesterday, 11 of January.
The Protecção Civil of Faro remove the dogs with the knowledge of the PSP, GNR, Capitania.
A female dog is in the SOS veterinarian of Faro.
I send an e-mail to Animal and to Antidoto Portugal,and we try spoke with the journalist of Correio da Manhã.
the Camara municipal de Faro knows what happened.

20 February 2006
"In January, 13, a lady, Mrs A, who usually feeds some of those dogs has
called me. She was despaired and told me what had happened the day before.
She told me that about 20 dogs have been poisoned and that the Civil
Protection and the Maritime Police had already collected the dead animals
and also some bones they found in order to make analyses. The lady also told
me that she took one of the dogs (a female) to the veterinary and I know
that this animal had survived.
To answer some of the questions in the mail:
I called Mrs C, we talked about this subject and we agreed that we have to
contact the press. I called 2 journalists that I knew and 2 articles were
published: one in the "Observatório do Algarve" (on-line newspaper) see
that in and
the other in the Correio da Manhã (I saw the article but now I can't say the
day it was published)
I think we will never know who made this terrible act."


Dear Sirs,

This is to report on that poison has again been found in the wooded areas between Quinta do Lago/Ancão, Salinas, Varandas do Lago, Quinta do Mar, Vale do Garrão. On Saturday 5th November, a lady walking her dogs in the woods behind the riding stables on Aytron Senna Avenue Quinta do Lago had her three dogs poisoned. One dog died there, the second one yesterday at the vets and the third one is not likely to recover. I also understand that a further 3 dogs were poisoned in the same area.

Last year many dogs were poisoned in the same area which is within the Parque Natural da Ria Formosa.

If you wish for further information please let me know.

Many thanks for an excellent website.

Name known by Action Against Poisoning



Trás-os-Montes, some recent cases of suspected wildlife poisoning events.

The use of toxically substances and its effect in wildlife.
It is still to be broadcasted in March 2005.

Toxics and Wildlife
News at Jornal da Noite, SIC, on Saturday the 26th February

The problem of the legal and illegal use of toxical substances and some of the known effects over wildlife, will be the issue of a work that will be broadcasted next Saturday at SIC. This work was recorded in several places of Trás-os-Montes, after some recent cases of suspected wildlife poisoning events.
The main goal of this news it to call the alarm to two situations that are affecting Portuguese wildlife: the illegal use of poisoned baits and the lack of control over the use (and the selling) of several toxical substances currently available in the market.
This work was done in cooperation with Programa Antídoto - Portugal, a platform of several Portuguese public and private organizations and institutions that will accomplish its first year of existence next March

Best regards

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on 15/02/05 21:52 we received this email:

We live in the vicinity of Odemira. Within 2 weeks 2 of our dogs were killed. We do not know how. But reading the symptoms in your First Aid Kit we suppose it to be a herbicide. We own a big Münzterländer. How can we protect him? Can you obtain the antidote from the veterinarian?
Thank you.

Guten Tag,
wir wohnen in der nähe von Odemira. Uns wurden innerhalb von einer Woche 2 Hunde getötet.
Wir wissen nicht womit. Aber laut ihrer ersten Hilfe vermuten wir nach den Symptomen das es Ein so genanntes Pflanzenschutzmittel war. Jetzt haben wir noch einen großen Münzterländer. Wie können wir ihn schützen? Bekommt man die Spritzen beim Tierarzt.
Vielen Dank



on 27/01/05 21:49 we received this message
"Just to report that three dogs are dead and four or five are very sick at the village of Daroeira, near Tavira in Portugal. There are also several dead cats and birds. Reports are that local hunters have been putting out poisoned meat but other reports are that a local "farmer" has been doing this as he has lost chickens."

Follow-up February 05, 2005
"Latest information I have - Another dog, different owner from the two that already have been poisoned has disappeared/died. The two owners live in the same village, Daroeira, in adjacent houses. They have found another dead cat in the village. The owner of the two dead dogs has submitted a written complaint to the Tavira GNR who have said they will investigate. Will keep you updated when I hear more."


THE-NEWS.NET Portugal :

ALGARVE - 02/10/2004

Residents traumatised by loss of pets

In the last week various dogs have died in a spate of poisoning in the area south of Almancil. Naturally, owners are distraught at the loss of their dogs, which for many are considered as "family".

Many owners enjoy walking their dogs in the remaining pinewood between Vale de Garrao, Quinta do Lago, and Pinetrees Riding Centre. Since the area is off road and spacious most dogs run without leads - and have a lovely time. It seems that the poison, believed to be chicken containing Strychnine, could be in various areas and dog owners are advised to take care.

Sometimes it is suggested that it is done to kill off strays, or by someone whose sleep has been disturbed by barking dogs. Anyone who is "into dogs" knows how dogs pass the word around the neighbourhood when intruders are about.

Who is doing this? Oh to be able to catch the person who did this! Sadly it is not just dogs, as it affects other wildlife within the Ria Formosa. The Chief Warden was horrified to learn of these occurrences and concerned for the consequences. It appears that around 6- 8 dogs have been victims.

As for myself, I feel this is a loss of one of the qualities of life that we enjoy within the "Golden Triangle" and feel threatened for the safety of my animals. Now I have to keep dogs tied up in the fear that they may wander. Needless to say one of the great defences of our properties are our dogs and these residents will now be more vulnerable. Bev Gibbons


THE-NEWS.NET Portugal :

Article March 5, 2005 page 35

"Sir. As a reader of your newspaper, it was with keen interest that I noted your printing of letters from the public arena. Whilst I am sure that this will only be a small cry for help within the huge spectrum of animal cruelty, it would comfort me to know that if published, your readers take heed from my comments and learn from our experiences.

First and foremost it is important for me to convey how much I love and respect this country. As a UK ex-pat, I am endeavouring to learn the language and indeed live by the rules of Portugal. I appreciate that we are to be labelled as 'foreigners' forever more and with this in mind attempt to abide by the laws of the land whether they be official jurisdiction or simply local custom and practice. It is with great disappointment therefore that this sense of loyalty is not reciprocated. It seems that our pets are considered as vermin and should be poisoned. Within the last 2 weeks our 3 dogs have been poisoned seven times. One has died and the other two have surprisingly survived. Friends and neighbours have not been so lucky; 5 other dogs have been killed.

This all seemed to start when we were told that our dog had been chasing a local farmers chickens. Whilst unproven, we took it very seriously. Clearly, if true, we cannot be responsible for destroying a local man's livelihood.
To that end, we took precautions by chaining the dogs up or taking them for accompanied walks. Shortly after our vigilance campaign commenced, the poisoning attack started. My neighbours 2 dogs were killed, 8 cats were found dead and our dogs were badly poisoned but survived. As if that was not warning enough, our dogs were again poisoned on the following 3 consecutive days. As we had been keeping such a close and watchful eye, it seemed unusual that this was still happening. In an attempt to explore the matter further, we scanned the area around our house within a 50 metre radius. This search revealed more dead animals and meat placed under a bush covered in a suspicious looking substance. When one of our dogs finally disappeared and was presumed dead also, we searched again only to find yet more fresh meat and substance secreted within the immediate locality. We showed the meat to one of our Portuguese friends who advised us that it was covered in a pesticide that has been banned in this country for over 10 years. I could not grasp the spelling of the substance but gather that its use was to aid pest control on orange trees. Initially pointing towards the hunters, one can now only presume that this is a malicious and targeted attack. My plea to the Portuguese locals is to stop this. We have responded to the complaints and have attempted to control the situation so why continue with this cruel punishment ?

In conclusion, the advice that I aim to give to other dog and cat owners is to keep a watchful eye over your pets at all times. Trust no-one. Don't let your dogs roam free in open countryside. If living near farm land, do not allow them to enter the vicinity. Keep them on a lead if you are walking in a new place. Such is this cruelty and heartache that if I was to have my time again, I would not own or keep any pets; they should not be subjected to such brutality. We can take care of ourselves, they are less able to do so.


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PORTUGAL poisoning on the FOZ DO ARELHO BEACH: 2 Dogs poisoned and surived because of the good help by Carolyn
On October 28, 2004 we received the following email message from Carolyn

I thought you might be interested to know that I had two of my own dogs poisoned on the Foz do Arelho beach on Sunday morning whilst we were all walking. The smallest dog(6kgs.) must have eaten quite a lot of the poison because he was very badly affected. According to the Vet it must have been Insecticide that someone put into some food and left on the Beach, on purpose because there are many abandoned dogs on that beach.
I managed to save the dog s life with Homeopathic remedies whilst we got him to a Vet. He received the Anti-dote and was given a charcoal mixture, taken orally. He was on a drip for 30 minutes, and now I am treating him with Natural Remedies for flushing out his kidneys and liver, and for regenerating the liver.
I had both dogs on leads and I always watch carefully when they walk there that they dont pick up anything, so the scrap of food must have been very small, and the poison very strong!!!
My dog received the Anti-dote injection of Apropina (for that particular type of reaction he was having). There is a poison that is used where the dog has intermittent jerking spasms.
For this type, they do not give the injection, they flush and stomach pump and then put the animal onto a drip. He then received a black liquid(Carvao Vegetal) that looks like and is Charcoal.
This brings all the poison in the body, to one place(the Bowel), and then the dog passes it out. He was then put on a dripoff 5% glucose with water, for 30 minutes.
When I brought him back from the beach in the early morning, and I realised he had eaten poison, I gave him the Homeopathy. One dose of Phosphorous immediately, then Nux Vomica 30 or 200 (whichever you have), and Carbo Veg 200 or 30, 3 doses of each, 1 hour apart (if you can afford the time. I could n¥t raise a Vet at 9.30am on a Sunday morning, so I gave the Nux and Carb Veg. 5 minutes apart for 3 doses of each.
This is what stabilised the dog and helped him to breathe a little bit. His tongue was blue and he was shaking all over with muscular spasms.
He lost control of his bowel and foam was blocking his throat. He is on the mend now and I am giving him Boldo Cynara 3 times a day for 2 weeks, which drains the kidneys and Liver, and also Cardo Mariano(Milk Thistle) which will regenerate the liver and kidneys. This I am also giving him for 2 weeks.


We were informed on the poisoning of stray cats in the Algarve town of Olhao. The fourth victim, found this month by the new local animal protection organization ADAPO, was this cat living behind the old hospital. It had been sterilized a year ago by ADAPO that runs Cat Cafe 's around old factory ruins where feral animals live.
We know this lovely small fishing town Olhao, that is famous for its "water dogs", as very liberal and friendly in the acceptance of dogs and cats in their scenery.
The city council has warned its citizens to keep their pets inside during a poisoning campaign against vermin. As expected from such random actions stray and abandoned animals fell victim to these practices.


On September 1, 2004, we received the following email message:

Please could you send me some information about a poisoning that we experienced yesterday, here in the Extremadura.

A tiny dog that someone was feeding at a holiday Villa, went off into the forest and later came back full of flies, proceeded to contort it's limbs, foam at the mouth, and vomit up raw meat. Of course it eventually died in agony and so did all the flies.

Could this poison have had something sweet in it? We are interested to know about the hundreds of flies that covered its body and died along with it.

Thanking you kindly

The reaction of the veterinarian: poison in rotten meat.

About a week later another dog was found poisoned in the same way. The dog will be examined on poison. We keep you informed.


We didn't report the poisoning to the police as we have tried with other killings before, in fact I have been trying for over a year to contact someone who will listen to my stories of brutality in deserted areas, of
people killing their animals inhumanely, but to no avail.
Everyone I speak to just passes me onto someone else, until you give up through desperation. I even wrote to the Portugal News about this, but the letter was not printed!!

The Sao Martinho poisonings were done inside a soft sausage on the public promenade where people walk their pets, so they were dying before their owners could get to Dr Ana Paula who is fairly close by. If not dead, they were definetely comatose, just from the smell with some of the dogs.

It was apparently a "CLEANUP" before the Summer season, and the GNR know who is responsible, but are reluctant to do anything about it. So this is what we are up against in our area, which makes everything extra difficult, and they cannot say that they are poisoning rats on the public promenade!!!!
Unfortunately my husband buried the little dog straight away because everyone was so stressed about the agonising death that they had just witnessed, but definetely we will do as you say next time.
We will try anyway, and who would I get to diagnose the dog and the meat?
You may certainly register this incident on your web site, and we thank you once again for your kind concern. We live in the Estramadura 1 hour north of Lisbon, in a little fishing village called Nadadouro, near the Foz de Arelho beach. A great deal of poisoning goes on here at our little fisherman's beach, but not on the big, main beach where the tourists come.

Action Against Poisoning