Finally, Cape Fur Seals are Big, Big World News

     Five days ago I appealed to the seal supporters around the world to ask the media in southern Africa to report on the cruellest seal hunt which started on the 1st July 2006, involving 60 000 nursing protected baby seals in Namibia, as this, the second largest and cruellest seal hunt in the world had sadly fallen off the media pages since 2000.
     For over 30 years over a million nursing protected baby seals have been slaughtered in a wildlife genocide program - whilst all the big wildlife conservation organizations stood by and watched. Not even in Canada, Greenland, Norway or Russia, nor anywhere in the world is it legal and humane to slaughter a nursing pup, yet Namibia has and continues to do so - today, this will change.
     Thanks to the over whelming support for this appeal and the courageous work of some journalists and editors - the Cape fur seals have finally become big, big world news. One day later, Gwen Lister Editor and reporter Elma Roberts of The Namibian carried a story on their front page, Seal Culling season sparks new protest. 2006 July national . The next day the largest gem diamond producer in the world, Stephen Lussier, De Beers director of External Corporate Affairs sent me the following letter,  (please see below).
     Three days later, on the eve of the fifa Soccer World Cup final and with South Africa to become the next 2010 host country, the courageous reporters of Eleanor Momberg and Tabby Moyo of the national newspaper Sunday Independent and her team, pushed the World Cup to the bottom of the front page and replaced it with the seals, World outrage over Namibian seal cull The Weekend Argus carried a similar story, also on their front page, reads its front page, Namibian seal cull is 'genocide'.  As if this was not enough, Donna Collins of the Windhoek Observer carried a second article in Namibia on the weekend, Blood flows as seal clubbing season begins.
     In the coming weeks, I understand the UK media will run articles and I am scheduled for a radio interview with Australian Radio. I further understand the Sunday Times is sending paparazzi to Namibia to gets some pics and there will be additional follow-up reporting. Adam Welz of Noseweek Magazine is doing an in-depth article and the film crew of Danie van der Walt's SABC 2 wildlife program 50/50 is heading to Namibia to get some live interviews and footage of the seal clubbing.
Please see below for a list of reporters and De Beers to write to and thank (please keep you messages short)
DeBeers Pledges Support for the Seals
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Thanks to the efforts of Francois Hugo and Seal Alert in South Africa, the DeBeers Diamond Corporation has stated that they oppose the killing of the South African fur seals in Namibia and they will help to convince the government of Namibia to end sealing.

Francois responded immediately to Stephen Lussier of DeBeers saying, "Thank you as a leading mining company both internationally, here in South Africa and Namibia, for taking such a positive stand against seal culling. I will immediately forward this view to all seal supporters, including the media. You have my undying gratitude for taking this stand."

The fight to end the slaughter in Namibia continues. The support of the De Beers Corporation is a tremendous boost to this effort. Captain Paul Watson has sent off a letter to Mr. Stephen Lussier expressing the gratitude of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society for taking a stand on this issue:

Dear Mr. Lussier and DeBeers,

Word has just reached me here in the enchanted islands of the Galapagos on the far side of the world from you, about the position your company has taken in opposition to the slaughter of South African Fur Seals.

On behalf of our international membership I would like to thank-you and the DeBeers Corporation for your commitment to corporate responsibility with regard to the conservation of nature and the environment.

This slaughter of seals in Namibia brings shame to Southern Africa and Sea Shepherd has been for many years supportive of Francois Hugo and Seal Alert for the incredible effort to bring this issue to international public attention and for his efforts to abolish the killing.

Mr. Hugo has gained a reputation world-wide for his commitment to these seals. The support of your company for his efforts is heartening and is a boost to the morale of all of us who would like to see these incredible marine mammals protected and their security secured for future generations.

Captain Paul Watson
Founder and President of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

unknownOn behalf of all the baby seals that have been slaughtered and the ones not yet, may I thank you all on behalf of these seals. We have a long road yet to go, to finally end this slaughter which has plagued these seals mercilessly year after year, since the 14th Century. I hope I can continue to count on all your support.
A list of courageous people to thank :-
Elma Roberts the Namibian -
Donna Collins the Windhoek Observer -
Eleanor Momberg the Sunday Independent -
Stephen Lussier De Beers Group Services -
For the Seals
Francois Hugo Seal Alert-SA