On June 22nd 2002 ?? we got a phone call from English friends. Their Scottish friend told them that in her garden a little puppy was dumped a few moments ago. It had some wounds and needed care. The Scottish woman couldnât take care of it herself as she had to leave the next morning.

Our friends asked us to take care of her. It was reported that the puppy's wounds were caused by tying it up. As it was full of fleas and ticks it was washed with anti-flea shampoo by the Scottish lady and the puppy screamed.

Not knowing this, after consultation with a veterinarian who gave her an anti worm pill, our friends washed it with anti-flea shampo for a second time as the vet had told them to do. The puppy suffered again.

When the female puppy was delivered to us the same evening the puppy didnât touch food.

The next morning I bathed it in a bucket with luke warm water with Biotex. Initially she was very afraid of the water but later she could enjoy it. Only then we saw her real condition: wounds all over. The belly totally and the legs partially covered with deep burns; the outer half of both ears dry, curled and black like cardboard.

We immediately consulted our veterinarian Carlos Negrier who diagnosed that the extensive wounds were caused by acid! He had never seen a cruelty like this. She got anti biotics and we got the advise to treat her with water with 1% chloric hexedine. As she secreted lots of liquids from her wounds, I washed her three times a day with Biotex and after that dabbed her with the chloric hexedine solution.

We called her Little Bear. We loved her more every minute. She even tried to play a little. She got bottle milk.

The wounds were horrific as everytime I cleaned and treated her, parts of her skin and fur fell off or stuck to my hands or the towels. As her skin contracted she could only walk small steps and with a humped back. Painkillers could not suppress her pain. After a week, when the outer ears started falling off, she simply gave up. She did not want to eat any more and she lost the little strenght she had very fast. She suddenly died when we were in the waiting room of our veterinarian.

Her death feels as a big loss. It leaves us shocked with the cruelty and suffering that we have witnessed.

And sad as we could not prevent this to happen.

Little Bear, the day after her arrival.

Her horrific wounds.

The treatment.

Her strength ran out. She finally gave up...