Got a pet to give away "into good hands" Think again.

"Today's pet thief is a Schemer who comes on like Mr. Rogers or Shari Lewis. He or she is polite, drives an eminently respectable-looking late model car, is gentle while anyone is looking, is well-dressed, is friendly, and is forthcoming with answers to any and all questions. The stories he or she tells and the references he or she supplies may be entirely fictitious, but they are well-rehearsed and credible."

"Of the 10 big-time perpetrators who answered free-to-good-home ads, nine were professionals, who earned their livings selling animals to biomedical research."

"Laboratory use accounts for 71% of stolen animals, according to the ANIMAL PEOPLE records. Individual acts of sadism and abuse accounts for 18%. Training dogs to fight accounts for an apparently fast-growing 8%, up from under one percent just three years ago. "Where I used to live," one Missouri informant told ANIMAL PEOPLE, "pit bull fanciers were quite open about collecting giveaway animals for bait."


How Animals Wind Up in Labs

HLS (Huntingon Life Sciences)

KITTEN - KATZENWELPE (after "treatment" / nach Eingriff)
(extremely disturbing - extrem)